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Mutant Types
Ferals     |     Elementals     |     Psionics     |     Moleculars

There are four types of mutants: Ferals, Elementals, Psionics, and Moleculars.  I found this out in Dark Star Rising.  The descriptions I give are based on what I have observed in the episodes of the series.  I have no idea as to how accurate they are.

Victoria Pratt as Shalimar Fox Ferals
Ferals, such as Shalimar, possess both human and animal DNA.  As a result, they have an instinctive link to the animal kingdom.  They have the strength, speed, agility, and cunning of animals.

From Genomex:
Subject's DNA has been spliced with that of an animal. They possess many characteristics (mental & physical) of the creature.

TYPES (from most common to rarest):
Feline - Cat, Lion, etc…
Ursine - Bear
Canine - Dog, Wolf, etc…
Porcine - Boar, Hog, etc…
Cervine - Deer
Reptus - Lizard, Snake, etc…
Amphibian - Frog, etc…
Piscis - Fish

As of yet, no successful Aves (bird) ferals have been achieved, but the formula is continually being refined.

Elementals, such as Brennan, have the ability to manipulate the forces of nature.  For example, some are walking electrical conductors, able to manipulate and use electricity in a multitude of ways.  Others can control fire.

From Genomex:
Subjects have the ability to channel elemental/environmental energy through their bodies.

Thermal - Heat or cold related
Botanical - Plant related
Geological - Earth related (EXTREMELY RARE)

Categories in this mutation constantly increase and expand with research.

Emma in Episode 3 Psionics
Psionics, such as Emma, have certain mental abilities.  They are able to use their minds to manipulate others or to find out information from others.  These abilities include being a telepath, an empath, or a telecyber to name a few.

From Genomex:
Subjects possess heightened mental capabilities.

Telepathic - Mind readers
Telekinetic - Able to move objects with the mind
Telempathic - Able to read and adjust emotions
Precog - Able to see future events
Illusionist - Projects unreal visuals or attitudes

This variety of mutant is considered most difficult to monitor and control.

Jesse in Episode 6 Moleculars
Moleculars, such as Jesse, are individuals who can manipulate their body structure.  They have abilities which range from stealth abilities to the power to change ones molecular density.  Moleculars have also been called Freaks (see Dark Star Rising.)

From Genomex:
Subjects possess attributes to defy physical science.

Intangibility - Able to move through solids
Imperviousness - Withstands physical penetration
Propulsion - Accelerated motion or speed
Gravitative - Able to alter weight in self, others or objects
Chromatic - Effects color, light, etc…
Stasis-suspension - Effects time
Replication - Self-cloning, etc…
Elasticity - Able to alter size or shape (EXTREMELY RARE)

As with Elementals, this breed expands and varies with time. It is not uncommon to find a Molecular with two or more of the listed abilities in combination.