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Guylaine St. Onge
Guylaine St. Onge as Danielle Hartman in 'Whiter Shade of Pale'St. Onge as Juda in E:FCGuylaine St. Onge appears in the first season episode Whiter Shade of Pale as Adam's former love Danielle Hartman.

I learned the following from Starlog #296.
Up until I read this issue, I didn't know who Guylaine was.  All I knew, was that she seemed slightly familiar.  Now I know that Guylaine plays the Atavus known as Juda in the final season of Earth: Final Conflict.

She is a native of Ste. Eustache, Quebec.  After breaking into the entertainment industry as a dancer, she embarked on modeling and acting careers.  She got a part in the TV series Mount Royal and began shooting in Montreal and France.  She has appeared in several TV series shot in Canada including War of the Worlds, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and La Femme Nikita.  She also appeared in the Outer Limits third season episode "Bodies of Evidence" with Mario Van Peebles.  In Earth: Final Conflict Guylaine first auditioned for the role of Lili Marquette, but lost it to Lisa Howard.  She was later contacted for a part in the fourth season episode "Blood Ties".  She appeared as one of Sandoval's creatures - a vampire named Serina.

Of her Atavus costume, St. Onge says, "It makes me feel primitive and grubby and a little animalistic - just the feeling I need to play this part."  She brings the Ujjayi form of breathing from her Ashtanga yoga exercises to literally breathe life into her character.

From the Official Earth: Final Conflict website:
Guylaine St. Onge joins the cast of Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict this season as the dark and malicious Juda, the lead female Atavus whose appetite for human life and power is insatiable.

Born in Ste. Eustache, Quebec, St. Onge's own appetite for life has led her through many facets of the entertainment industry. After a successful career as a model and dancer, she moved to Toronto to begin acting and was immediately cast as Stephanie Valeur in the series Mount Royal.

Since then, St. Onge has starred as a regular on many shows including Lonesome Dove and Fast Track, opposite Keith Carradine. She has guest starred in three of Ken Finkleman's series, The Newsroom, More Tears and Foolish Heart, and has also made guest appearances on Le Femme Nikita, The Outer Limits and Largo Winch.

Most recently, St. Onge played opposite Jim Belushi in the soon-to-be-released feature film One Way Out. She is also developing her own projects and will be producing a play for Fall 2001.

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