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Mason Eckhart
Mason EckhartMason Eckhart is played by Tom McCamus.

The following is from the official site:
Mason Eckhart is the head of the Genetic Security Agency (GSA) - a man who hunts down New Mutants for his conscience and his country. Eckhart blames Adam for the failed experiment that requires him to be forever insulated in an impermeable artificial skin. His distaste for New Mutants grows everyday that Mutant X exists. He won't rest until all these anomalies are under his control.

The following is from the Starlog #297 issue:
According to Tom McCamus, Mason Eckhart is "a very smart man, and he doesn't have time for people who aren't that smart.  He's unforgiving."

The following information is from Genomex:
Eckhart's precise biological situation is this: he has no immune system. Additionally, as the result of "Incident X," his cellular structure is permanently damaged, leaving it incapable of regeneration. If not for Dr. Breedlove's intervening genius, Eckhart would have aged and decomposed within hours of the biological attack.

Viewing the security tapes on record of "X": there is no doubt it was brought on by the confrontation with Adam, but the actual damage done to Eckhart appears to have been a freak accident that could not be replicated. Hence, no remedy. In fact, Adam is fortunate he did not share the same fate but, from what is understood, this kind of outrageous luck is typical for him.

Eckhart must wear an exodermis body suit of translucent, bio-treated latex at all times and replace it at least once a day depending on the physical strain of his activities or environmental conditions. His own sweat can be an enemy to his health. The hair follicles on his body have been entirely removed due to the hazards oil and dirt particles could cause him not to mention any type of abrasion or laceration (from shaving, etc…). He must limit his contact with water necessitating laser bathing and all food and external intake must be purified. A heavy regime of nutritional supplements is administered three times a day orally and any waste from when he does partake in a meal is dissolved before it can reach the intestinal tracks through a separate (and certainly painful) x-ray/laser procedure.

The cost of this care giving is astronomical but has been budgeted and approved by Genomex and the federal bureaus involved unanimously. It is supposed that this is a testament to Eckhart's character and performance. He has taken devastating vulnerability and turned it into a reserve of cold steel and efficiency. It cannot help but be speculated, however, that Mr. Eckhart operates in a state of denial of his illness fueled by hatred he keeps under his surface. It would be fascinating to explore whether Mason Eckhart's source of effective power is also his Achilles heel.

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