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Ross Hull
Ross Hull appears in the first season episode Russian Roulette as Daniel Benedict.

He appeared in the show Student Bodies.

From the IMDB:

Fearless (1999) (TV)
"Student Bodies" (1997) TV Series - Chris Sheppard
... aka "Vice-versa" (1997) (Canada: French title)
Beyond the Call (1996) (TV) .... Teen Dwayne
Iron Eagle IV (1995) .... Malcolm Porter
"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" (1992) TV Series .... Gary
"Eric's World" (1991) TV Series .... Jeff
Double Identity (1990) (TV) .... Jimmy
aka. Frontière du crime (1990) (TV) (France)
aka. Haute tension - frontière du crime (1990) (TV)
Nowhere to Hide (1987) .... Tory Bollinger