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Michael Easton
Michael Easton as Gabriel AshlockeMichael EastonMichael Easton appears in the first-season finale, A Breed Apart, as Patient Zero.  Patient Zero figures to be a big player in the show.

"He's the most powerful new mutant," Howard Chaykin, executive story consultant of Mutant X, told The Continuum. "He's an interesting new character and a lot of fun. He's a seductive, dark character who is a one-man match for all of Mutant X."

Easton starred in Total Recall 2070 and might also be remembered as Glenn, the model ogled by Ally McBeal in the Fox series.

From the IMDB:

Born February 15, 1967.

Born in California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended prep school in Ireland and England before studying English and history at the University of California and film at New York University. A man of many talents, Michael was the writer/producer/director/editor of the award winning festival film "Daedalus is Dead, " and he appeared in "The Door" at the Tamarind Theater. He has written several screenplays including a bio-pic, "Monty", about the late actor Montgomery Clift. Michael enjoys acting, directing, writing, martial arts, gymnastics, and motorcycles and he is often called to do his own stunts. When he's not traveling, Michael makes his home in Los Angeles, where he is currently working on his first novel. His most recent acting credits include "VR.5, " "Two", and "413 Hope St."

Michael's father, Stewart, is an engineer. He also has a younger brother, Keith, who is a Navy pilot. Michael's mother, Joan, died in 1994 after a two year bout with cancer. During this period, Michael quit acting to care for her.

Has published an acclaimed book of poetry, "Eighteen Straight Whiskeys" based on his early life experiences.


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