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Thanks to Shadow for the following:

Brennan: (before throwing Noel off balcony) you just didn't deserve her
-Under the Cloak of War

Thanks to Crystal Raven the Rose of Darkness for the following:

Brennan: Ow! Something bit me. (Rubs his neck)
(Shalimar moves closer to him holding some leaves and stops as her lips are inches from his neck)
Brennan: What, you're going to suck the poison out?
Shalimar: You'll have to take me to dinner first.
Brennan: Done.
- Whose Woods These Are

Shalimar: (kicking Nikki out of her room after she saw her caress Brennan's face) Get out of my life, and stay away from him!
- Understudy

Shalimar: I just hope he's okay.
Adam: Brennan can take care of himself.
Shalimar: Oh, he'd better.
- Hard Time

Brennan (to Noel): And that's for what you did to Shal.
Noel: What? Kiss her?
Brennan: Among other things.
- Under the Cloak of War

Shalimar: You really saved me out there.
Brennan: I just don't know what we'd do without you.
- Under the Cloak of War

Shalimar: Brennan, relax. We're here to protect him.
Brennan: I just don't like the way he looks at you.
Shalimar: You're exaggerating.
- Once Around

Brennan: I'm very loyal. That's all I ask in return.
Shalimar: Would you do that for me?
Brennan: Do what?
Shalimar: What Vic did. Risk your life for me.
Brennan: Are you kidding? I'd blast you and get it over with. You'd be so done, you'd be crispy. (Runs over and lifts her up, hugs her as she laughs)
Brennan: Jeez, Shal, you don't even have to ask.
- Once Around

Shalimar: Jesus, Brennan, what the hell were you thinking?!?
Brennan: Hey, I got the information.
Shalimar: So what? You could've been killed. Let's go to Sanctuary so Adam can take care of you.
- One Step Closer

Shalimar: What are you doing here?
Brennan: Just wanted to check up on you, that's all.
Shalimar: Why?
Brennan: I don't what anything to happen to you.
- Reality Check

Shalimar: Gonna follow me again?
Brennan: Maybe.
Shalimar: We've had this talk before.
Brennan: That doesn't change the way I feel about it.
Shalimar: You're being overprotective.
Brennan: I don't think so. I just care.
- Reality Check

Shalimar: I have to do this. It's who I am.
Brennan: Hey, I know. Go ahead.
(Shaliamr turns to leave and Brennan stops her)
Brennan: Shal? Don't forget where home is.
Shalimar: (winks at him) I won't.
- Reality Check

Thanks to Meana (your webmistress) for the following:

Brennan to Ashlocke about Shalimar:  Hey, you can look but don't touch.
- Past Is Prologue

Brennan: Adam's going to be pissed.
Shalimar: No kidding.
[Shalimar leans against Brennan]
- Past Is Prologue

Shalimar:  What took you?
Brennan:  Well, we stopped for a beer and a bucket of wings.
- Power Play

Thanks to Moonchick for the following:

Shalimar: Think we have a mole in the Underground?
Brennan: Well, anything’s possible, but my instincts are telling me they’re working us over from the outside.
Shalimar: (amused) Your instincts?
Brennan: Yeah, I spent enough time on the wrong side. I can smell a rat a mile away.
[Shalimar laughs.]
- Interface

Shalimar: Got an opinion there, buster? (leaning in close) Or am I bothering you?
Brennan: No, no. And just for the record, I’m reading a GSA training manual file I swiped the last time we gave them a visit to get a clue as to how they’re bypassing our security system. As for the training simulations, I think Jesse’s just taking it way too seriously.
Shalimar: That’s funny. I always enjoy them.
Brennan: You just like anything that gets you up and moving.
Shalimar: And if there’s a little virtual ass-kicking involved, all the better. (grins) Anything we can use in there?
Brennan: Nah, not really. Well, other than the fact that Eckhart considers you, and I quote: “Shalimar Fox is by far the least interesting member of Mutant X.”
Shalimar: (shocked) What?
[She takes the pad from him and begins to scour it’s contents.]
Brennan: Made you look.
Shalimar: You idiot.
[She slaps the back of his head.]
Brennan: Ow!
- Interface

Adam: Let’s not be too hard on Emma. All of us is guilty of letting our feelings for old friends blind us to what they’ve become.
Brennan: Come on Adam. She’s a GSA trainee. It’s like walking into a lion's den.
Shalimar: Excuse me. Last time I looked, you’d been ambushed by old friends yourself.
Brennan: Okay, point made…and taken.
- Interface

Brennan: What are you doing?
Shalimar: Sizing you up for the kill…
Brennan: What?
Shalimar: Looking for your weak point…
Brennan: What weak point?
- Presumed Guilty

Shalimar: (to Jesse) Looks like somebody needs a cup of coffee.
Brennan: Better make it a pot. Look at him.
[They both giggle.]
- Presumed Guilty

[While playing pool.]
Brennan: Make you feel better?
Shalimar: Kickin’ your butt usually does. (grin) Letting that new mutant get away; that kinda puts a damper on things.
Brennan: You know what? This is how I figure it: as long as we rescue more than we lose, we’re doing alright.
Shalimar: You wanna break?
Brennan: (cocky) You wanna lose?
Shalimar: (in disbelief) I don’t think so.
[He prepares to break but she moves to the other end of the table and grins up at him.]
Brennan: Okay, would you stop. You’re distracting me.
[He breaks, but no balls go into pockets.]
Shalimar: Tough break.
[He zaps one of the balls into a pocket.]
Brennan: Must have still been moving.
Shalimar: I don’t think so. No.
Brennan: (defensively} I didn’t lay a finger on it. Come on.
- Deadly Desire

Adam: Brennan, good job getting Shalimar back for treatment. Couldn’t have been easy.
Brennan: Could’ve been picking her arm up off the ground and she still would’ve been tracking them down.
- Deadly Desire

Brennan: (about the anomite) Somebody I care about’s already been shot over it.
- Deadly Desire

Brennan: (to Lorna) There’s something screaming out inside me how wrong this is on so many levels…
- Deadly Desire

Shalimar: Brennan would not fall into bed with someone like that.
- Deadly Desire

Shalimar: Brennan, can I talk to you?
Brennan: Yeah, look, I don’t want to hear it Shal, okay? Just tell Adam…
Shalimar: (interrupting) Just stop it. I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there myself.
Brennan: Then you know it’s not, “I don’t care about you guys,” it’s just…
Shalimar: I know.
Brennan: How’s Emma?
Shalimar: She’s gonna be alright. Good thing you kept the voltage dial down though.
Brennan: Well, tell her I’m sorry. (pause) Shal, I can’t be a part of Mutant X anymore.
Shalimar: Well, I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t jump up and down about that.
Brennan: (laugh) Yeah.
Shalimar: I’m gonna miss you.
[She then surprises him by leaning in and kissing him on the cheek. She has placed the antidote to Lorna’s pheromones on her lips.]
Brennan: I’m gonna miss you too.
Shalimar: Good luck.
Brennan: Good luck too.
[He then turns and walk away, touching his cheek and smiling.]
- Deadly Desire

[Shalimar takes Brennan’s hand from his bedding.]
Shalimar: Y’know what? Maybe you should let me and Emma pick out your girlfriends from now on.
Emma: Yeah, just tell us your type and we’ll keep an eye out.
Brennan: Oh…5 ft 5 to 6ft, blonde hair, brunette, blue eyes, green eyes…
Emma: You could be a little more specific.
Brennan: No stingers.
[Shalimar and Emma then both drag him out of his bed against his will.]
- Deadly Desire

Emma: (about Zack) You sure know how to pick ‘em.
Shalimar: Knew. I’ve gotten a little more selective since then.
- Ex Marks the Spot

Brennan: (amused at Zack) Not to mention Shalimar’s still on the war path.
- Ex Marks the Spot

Brennan: How’s Shalimar?
Adam: She’s good. She’s with Zack. They’re getting ready.
Brennan: Hmm.
Adam: What?
Brennan: Nothing. I’m just concerned about her and this guy. I don’t know Zack at all, but I can read him like an open book, y’know? The guy’s just out for himself.
Adam: Don’t you think maybe you should cut this guy some slack? I mean look at you. Look at who you were. Look at what you’ve become.
Brennan: I’m not saying people can’t change. I just don’t think Zack’s the right guy for Shalimar.
Adam: Spoken as a friend, of course.
Brennan: Yeah. What else?
- Ex Marks the Spot

Shalimar: Why don’t you pick on somebody your own… (shares a look with Brennan realising she’s shorter than Lanchester) …my size?
- Dancing On the Razor

Brennan: What if Lanchester gets a hold of you?
Shalimar: I can take care of myself.
Brennan: Lanchester’s a psycho. He kills people just for fun.
Shalimar: Y’know Brennan, I would appreciate it if you would just back me up on this one. (quietly) Please?
[He lets Jay past but puts a hand on her back to stop her from passing him.]
Brennan: Be careful.
[He lets her past. She stops halfway and looks back at him before heading off.]
- Dancing On the Razor

Emma: What were you thinking Shal? If Lanchester finds you, you’re dead.
Shalimar: (annoyed) Did Brennan just call and tell Adam the minute I left?
Emma: It’s not even like that, he was just trying to watch your back.
Shalimar: I can watch my own back, thank you very much.
- Dancing On the Razor

Adam: Who wants the honours?
Brennan: I’ll take a crack at it.
Shalimar: Knock yourself out.
- Dancing On the Razor

Brennan: I didn’t get a feeling for him either way. Well actually, no, until I saw how Shalimar acted around him.
Jesse: How’s that?
Brennan: Well I just didn’t like the way she stuck her neck out for him.
Jesse: Why? Because you were feeling protective? (pause) Jealous?
Brennan: Protective. (pause) Smart ass.
- Dancing On the Razor

Brennan: Yeah, I know when I was ten I could barely jump start a car battery.
Shalimar: (incredulous) You were boosting cars when you were ten?
Brennan: (attempting an excuse) No…I was just, y’know, helping people out when they had a dead battery.
- Crime of the New Century

Angel: People who just wanna talk don’t make that kind of entrance.
Brennan: (defending Shalimar) She’s got a dramatic streak, okay?
- Dark Star Rising

Bo: So you two…um…
Shalimar: (amused) Teammates.
- Dark Star Rising

Brennan: No, you need to get out of there now!
Shalimar: Not without Bo. He wouldn’t leave a teammate and neither would I.
- Dark Star Rising

Brennan: Oh Shal, see if you can get Mattie out of there too, alright?
Shalimar: Okay.
Brennan: Thanks.
[She touches his arm reassuringly.]
- Double Vision

[Shalimar hides from the fireball behind Brennan.]
Shalimar: I can’t go through that!
Brennan: Yeah, that’s why he did it.
- Altered Ego

[A guy comes up and tries to flirt with Shalimar and Emma.]
Guy: (to the girls) Next time.
Brennan: Yeah, right.
- Lazarus Syndrome

Brennan: Be good.
Shalimar: Yeah, right.
- Lazarus Syndrome

[Watching Thorne flee from Brennan.]
Shalimar: Well I guess it's true.
Brennan: What's that?
Shalimar: The bigger they are, the faster they run.
Brennan: That's because he knows I can light him up like a Christmas tree.
[He forms electricity then blows it away as dust. Shalimar laughs.]
Shalimar: What do you say we join the others and get out of here?
[He gestures for her to lead then takes her hand to help her step over one of the unconscious GSA guards.]
- I Scream the Body Electric

[On joining Mutant X.]
Brennan: Alright, I'm in. But as long as there's no hazing or weird secret handshakes.
Shalimar (laughing): No hazing. No handshakes.
- I Scream the Body Electric

[Shalimar punches Kilohertz.]
Shalimar: I wanted to do that for a long time.
Brennan: I know exactly how you feel.
- Kilohertz

Shalimar: I think I know how you feel.
Ashley: You haven't the faintest idea how I feel.
Shalimar: Being pulled in two different directions? I mean you wanna help your boyfriend but there's Brennan right in front of you...
Ashley: Is he your boyfriend?
Shalimar: No, he's...uh...more like a brother.
Ashley: So this isn't about you protecting your turf?
Shalimar: (pause) No, it's not.
- Lit Fuse

Shalimar: Remind me, never date an elemental.
Jesse: I don't think Brennan's gonna need any reminding.
Shalimar: I'm gonna remind him anyway.
- Lit Fuse

Shalimar: Emma's afraid Jesse's not gonna be able to forgive himself for getting us into this.
Brennan: That's such a girl thing, come on. Guys don't go around beating themselves up like that. He'll be over it before you know it.
Shalimar: What a load of macho crap!
Brennan: It's not macho crap. That's why girls like soap operas and guys like boxing.
Shalimar: Oh please!
Brennan: In a soap opera it takes a year to tell 15 minutes of drama. In the ring it's over in 15 seconds.
Shalimar: (teasing) I hope that's not your philosophy for everything.
[They share a knowing smile.]
- In the Presence of Mine Enemies

[About a bottle of water]
Brennan: I'll split it with you.
Shalimar: As long as you don't mind sharing my cooties.
Brennan: I'm proud to share your cooties.
- A Breed Apart

Brennan: Hey Shal. It's good to have you back.
Shalimar: Well it's not like I was gone for long.
Brennan: I didn't mean...come on y'know... [pause] I tried to stop him at the safehouse before he grabbed you, you know that?
Shalimar: (teasing) No you didn't.
Brennan: Yeah, I did.
Shalimar: Sorry if I hurt you back there.
Brennan: Hurt me? Please. You could never hurt me.
[They stare at each other for a minute. He puts his hand on her cheek and they lean in as though to kiss.]
Emma: (off-screen) Hey you guys! Come out here and look at this.
[They break apart and look uncomfortable for a moment.]
Brennan: Ummm...I'm sorry.
Shalimar: Yeah...
[She looks back at him once more then heads off to meet the others. He follows.]
- A Breed Apart