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This page will have my discussions/thoughts about the moments in the series that seemed to point to the development of a relationship between Shalimar and Brennan.  I will provide you with my thoughts hopefully as the episodes air.

Season One

The scene which got me interested in these two was the one where Brennan assisted Shalimar over the bodies of the downed GSA agents in I Scream the Body Electric.  The action was so chivalrous it made my heart pound.  If you look in the quotes section, you will find this scene described.

As well, Shalimar's actions in Lit Fuse when she confronted Ashley did not seem familial at all.  She appeared very territorial over something she considered her property.  I liked it.

The episode Dark Star Rising seemed to add further fuel to the Shalimar/Brennan fire.  Once again, someone asked the question "Are you two...?" albeit in a roundabout way.  Again Shalimar said no, but I don't buy it.  *g*

Nothing To Fear had even more Shalimar/Brennan moments.  In fact, we get to see more of Brennan's chivalrous nature towards Shalimar.  After she had been attacked and later examined by Adam, she fell asleep and Brennan covered her with a blanket and gave her a kiss on the head.  It was soooo sweet.

Finally we come to A Breed Apart, the first season finale.  This episode had a number of Shalimar/Brennan 'shippy moments including an almost kiss.  Now if only it had been an actual kiss, I'd have been a very happy 'shipper.   ;^D

Season Two

The second season episode Power Play had a few moments that were Shalimar/Brennan friendly.  When she and Emma needed to perform CPR on Brennan, it was Shalimar who did the breathing portion, and once she knew Brennan was fine she totally flipped out and went after the one who had harmed him.